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Glenn Facey

Thanks guys!!
The videos with your BLOG posts are very helpful.


Saleh, M. Salga

thanks alot, i relly enjoy your softwares hope to send many more to my email address.


Any chance of an installer that will work with WINE in linux?

Andy McLachlan

Hi Ben,
No, unfortunately. For cross-platform use, we recommend using virtualisation rather than emulation to run the software.


Having trouble with the download/install process. I and two others in my lab are getting errors when the install wizard tries to decompress files. Error message says file is corrupted. any thoughts? (NB: .exe file downloaded 10-6-10, installing on Windows XP)

Andy McLachlan

Hi Chris,

It seems that there was a problem with the file on the server. We have updated and checked it, and it should now work fine.

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