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September 05, 2007


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Giuseppe Balacco

Dear Ryan,
it's one of your better posts and I enjoyed reading it. I agree with the starting concept. Most of the customers, however, are not interested in what you are inventing for them. They simply want an affordable application for the daily routine. You already know what to do: remove the unessential and sell what remains at 99 USD. If you don't know what to remove, the alternative is to sell yesteryear's version at 99 USD.
I followed your links and found that ever-present enigmatic expression: "industry standard". Would you please explain what it means and how something can receive that title? For example: which NMR spectrometer do you consider the industry standard today?


I am interested in analyzing the spectra using PCA / multicomponent analysis method. In case you know some reliable software pls inform the source and price - including yours if any.

Ryan Sasaki

Hi Dr. Singh,

ACD/Labs does not provide software for PCA/multicomponent analysis.

However, it seems that many of our users prefer one of the following package:

Umetrics. More info can be found at their website here:


Pirouette from InfoMetrix. More information here:


I hope this is useful and thanks for reading.

לחץ כאן

I handle the costs of software maintenance. If I sell for less than the cost of development and improvement, it becomes very difficult to maintain the software.

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