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June 01, 2011


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Djalma Menezes de Oliveira

I think, the natural product chemists are those that more have been using the NMR techniques in the structure elucidation of organic compounds

Glenn Facey

Hi Ryan,

I agree with you. I think the problem is one resulting from more automated instruments. These instruments produce huge quantities of high quality data. They are currenly in our universities and students no longer need to learn how to collect high quality data. They take the path of least resistance and press "the 1H Button". I expect that the problem will become worse as automated structure verification tools become more widespread and successful. I fear that the only way to learn NMR spectroscopy in the future will be to work for an instrument company where a deep understanding of the technique is necessary to develop even more automated systems. I'm not proposing that we take a step backwards, but I think we do have to find a better way of educating our students in universities.

Glenn Facey

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