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September 28, 2007


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Egon Willighagen

RSS rules. It's very powerfull, you can even put tons of chemical details in there, e.g. using the Chemical Markup Language. Tools like Bioclipse can handle such chemistry enriched feeds well. Using CMLSpect, you can easily embed NMR spectra with your RSS feeds.

See the articles behind these PubMed IDs: 15032525, 17316423, 17887743.


Would the RSS feed also work in ACD/ChemSketch's RSS feed?

Ryan Sasaki

Thanks Egon for your comments and additional advice. For thsoe interested in learning more about the tools Egon is talking about see:



In theory these RSS feeds can easily be attached to the feeds in ChemSketch. However, since ChemSketch is not an NMR product I do not want to interrupt other users with information that isn't relevant to them or their specific product. It is possible to of course link these just from the NMR products, but I am looking into a better solution than the existing one which scrolls along the bottom of the interface.

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