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March 12, 2009


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Rich Apodaca

"Most chemists are not going to play with all of the bells and whistles within an NMR software package."

Very true. Many years ago when I was doing my (synthetic organic) postdoc I found a simple little free program called MestRe-C that, with its default settings and minimal number of buttons and menus, did most of what I needed for routine 1H/13C NMR processing. It was a great little app that I continued to use for years.

There's a lot to be said for simple, effective tools that do what you need and then get out of the way.

Ryan Sasaki

Thanks for the comment Rich.

I can definitely agree with the approach to try and develop a tool for a market segment that does what they need, and then "gets out of the way"

Definitely one of the things we learned when we developed 1D NMR Assistant for chemists. Before this release, many chemists were using our NMR Processor which was really developed over the years for expert users. While chemists used it, there were certainly too many buttons and too much functionality, that hid other useful features for them.

Xenon HID

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